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Add to your Bridal Details

November 20, 2017


It’s all about the details! Well, no, it’s not. I definitely don’t want to take away from the fact that your MARRIAGE is the focus, beyond even the wedding itself. But sometimes brides are worried about the budget for their wedding maybe not looking as formal as they want it to? The secret to “upping” the look of any wedding? Extra special focus to what you have set out for your bridal details! It may seem silly to focus on these superficial things, but just having a few details in particular that accent the rest of your day, can be used throughout your album, gallery and blog post to elevate the whole day!

If you haven’t read my original blog post on what basics to prep for your bridal details, you can read that here. To sum it up, you’ll want to gather details before the morning of in a bag so I can sneak off; dress, shoes, veil, rings (all 3), any jewellery, garter, invitations, perfume, old new borrowed and blue. It’s also SUPER helpful to incorporate other elements from your day such as ribbon, fabric, etc so that I can style your details in a way that matches the theme of your day! And last but not least, actually most important, is a bridal suite with great light and a large window. If you want that bright, airy style that’s plastered all over my blog, it can’t be done in a dark room. If that’s not possible, sometimes we’ve even gone out to a large covered porch!!

Here are some of the things that I carry in my bridal details kit, but to make it super personal, gather your own so that you can match it to the exact colours and textures of your wedding! Many couples have white invitations, so it’s helpful to add a pop of colour that you will see throughout the rest of your day!

  • Wooden hanger: The cheap plastic hanger that came with your dress won’t do elevating your day any justice! Pick a cute wooden hanger that matches the tone of your day, whether or be dark or light wood! Make your it has the strap indents or else your super heavy wedding dress will slide right off!

    Showit united 0076

  • Cute ring box: I LOVE the little velvet Mrs Boxes, but they are a splurge. I have some plain outs, but you can also get them embroidered with your monogram so it’s personalized in your photos!!

    Green mrs box

  • Bouquets & bouts: Even if you’re trying to save on florals elsewhere on your wedding, I recommend splurging on your bridal bouquet. It will be the forefront of many images and I can bring it multiple places throughout your wedding day to make it look like these florals are everywhere! And depending on timeline, bouts may be easier to deliver straight to the guys, but if you can have them (or just get 1 extra) delivered to me, it can add lots to your details as well!

    Neutral and pink florals

  • Invitation suite: Your invitation suite will be the centre of most of your detail photos, so make sure it’s classic! If you have pieces that are double-sided, please provide me with 2 copies of the whole suite! This also makes it look like there are more pieces, and therefore, more luxurious than it actually is. Envelopes are also a great place to add a pop of your wedding colour!

    Simple white modern wedding invitations

  • Hot shoes: Brides either go one of two ways; wanting glamour wanting comfort!! No matter the case, or budget, look for something that will glam up your wedding details. I’ve even had brides have glam ceremony shoes for details, then change into your flats for the reception! Badgley Mischkas are MY glam splurge shoe of choice, but there are many sparkley or glam looking options without the price tag!

    Gold sparkly badgey mischka shoes

  • Ribbon: Some cute satin or silk ribbon can add some colour while taking your eye correctly through the photo (it’s more of a scientific art than you’d think!). You can find some at your local fabric store or checking out companies such as Illume or Adorn Co. to see the type of fabric you’re looking for to look formal. The spool’s a surprising cute added touch in the photo as well!

    Silk ribbons for wedding photos
    Silk ribbons for wedding photos
    Purple wedding invitations
    Light grey mrs box

  • Your Veil: Even if you’re not formally wearing a veil, some white tulle can do wonders to the depth of your photos! How cute does this look instead of just having the shoes on their own!? Love me some Cathedral veils!

    Gold sparkly badgey mischka shoes on veil
    Purple wedding invites
    Wedding ring set stack on andaz hotel ottawa coaster

  • Wax seal stamp: This is an old-fashioned type of thing that’s coming back! Using wax seals on your invites? I’d love a few extra wax seals themselves to play around with, but the wooden stamper itself looks SO elevated in your detail photos!!! WaxSeals is currently the best one stop shop, Canadian version coming soon! May be getting some promo codes for these shortly!

    Wedding invitation wax seal and stamp
    Heirloom bindery styling boards

    These details in my bridal details kit include things from The Mrs Box, Illume, Adorn Co. & Heirloom Bindery.

    1. Lauren says:

      Such a fun post, Nicole!! I’m sure you’re brides will loveeee this!!

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