I have been playing with my new website for the last little while. Thanks to Laura for showing me the coolest thing in existence, SHOWIT. Oh yeah, and it’s buddy, PASS. I am a brand new Showiteer! ;) Check out my brand new website HERE! Well…knowing me I will be tweaking it constantly, but hey, […]

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Check out the link back to me on the Algonquin College Photography Program Blog! They posted the profile that the lovely Miss Laura Kelly did on her photography blog about my intern placement! Thanks so much everyone! wedding photographer | engagement photographer | lifestyle photographer


ABOUT Nicole

At home wherever my babies are. Adventures wherever my husband takes me. Excitement whenever weddings are involved.

Mama, wedding photographer, creative, entrepreneur, tech geek, cat lover. There were no other options, no backup plan. From the tender age of fifteen, I knew I needed to create; art and family.


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Not sure where to get started? There are so many variables we can help you out with, but this is a good place to start. Grab a mini version of my best selling wedding planner.

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Due to the nature of travel and family life, we only take a select curated handful weddings per year—to treat you like the priority that you are. I'd love to meet with you about your vision before we close the calendar for the year.

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