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Intimate and Infectious National Arts Centre Wedding

September 17, 2019


It was the beginning of October, I had just gotten back from our honeymoon when I met with them for coffee. Sitting down with them as if it was something what we did biweekly; it was so easy as if I had known them years. Something was instantaneous and we all knew it. We talked and we laughed and texted often between that date and when they picked me up to head to their engagement session. The vibes that they give off, both individually and together are just infectious.

During the hour’s drive, we talked about life, work and all the little things in between. Spending an evening at someone’s cottage where they spend most summer weekends becomes the most intimate thing learning about the intricacies and quirks that happen at that very location. Especially when it’s the very location where David proposed. We got together to discuss their wedding timeline a few weeks prior. She walks in my door announcing, “girl, can we discuss the new T Swift album for a minute because David just does not care!” Yes, yes we can; I’m your girl for that.

I’m not even sure I had butterflies this intense for my own wedding. I was so excited and wanted to head out the door the moment I opened my eyes. I try not to bother my brides the morning of their wedding (of course) but she was so calm and collected and texted me continuously, just as excited to get together. The time came and we arrived at the National Arts Centre so take a peek, before Max & I separated to see Rebecca and David respectively at the Lord Elgin.

Like any wedding morning, there were moments of minor hiccups, but everything went calmly. I swooned with excitement when we had many of the same wedding details; light blue tones, blue accented engagement ring, pave wedding band, makeup artist, Badgley Mischkas, With Love gown, of course, along with the very excited mom. We giggled about our mornings as we headed to their first look. There were multiple occasions where I almost cried myself, because I felt like I was watching a close friend enjoy these little moments they trusted me with.

Their ceremony was uniquely them, promises and vows to embrace all the current things they live with in each other, not changing a thing. Their wedding party and families as sweet as they are, the rest of the day was a breeze, quickly sweeping into their reception. Everyone who took to the microphone said all of the same words about their personalities and kind hearts.

To my almost-anniversary-sharing friends, coffee; coffee often. Congratulations to the kindest of hearts.

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