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December 5, 2018

Our Honeymoon Tropical Return to Our Favourite Spot

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Our first big trip together was when I won Majic 100’s Breakfast in Barbados trip April of 2015. Max surprised me with a trip back to the same resort we stayed at and fell in love with. We had been together four years at the time. Little did we know we’d be flying back almost four years later for our honeymoon.

If you know me, you know I’m a super intuitive and analytical person. Unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to surprise me. For that reason, Max actually had to try to deceive me to pull this off. He told me I needed to book the week off, as I should have anyway regardless of if we were going somewhere or not. I asked what to pack, he said normal climate clothing. I guess that would give me a good amount of all weather clothing, him knowing I would pack a few bikinis regardless of which hotel we were going to ;) I asked if we were driving or flying, to which he answered, “driving.” Silly boy.

In the end, it slipped up. It had been a long, hard year for both of us. Wedding planning since late last year, house hunting since may, a crazy year at work, many bumps along the road and finalizing the wedding later, we were both exhausted. So I found out earlier than intended, but it didn’t make it any less wonderful. My husband-to-be put so much thought in spoiling me, bringing me back to the beautiful place to where I took my first flight.

We left early Monday morning to head to the airport, after just getting power back late the night before. We wandered “our” resort and headed to dinner after cleaning up after a long flight. I stayed up pretty late as I was super excited to be the wedding featured on Katelyn James’ blog as all her weddings go up Tuesday morning. ;) (PS mine too)

We had planned to do a few excursions this time around (we did one jeep safari tour last time and it was AWESOME!) but we delayed our intended sail to snorkel with turtles until the last day – which was cancelled for a very good weather reason! Just after just leaving Ottawa from our tornado wedding weekend, we got hit by Tropical Storm Kirk in Barbados! It was a little freaky because they spoiled us and put us in the closest room to the ocean, but the storm surge caused the tide to almost come to our doorstep that night!

Saturday we sadly packed our bags and headed back to the airport. Until next time, Barbados! Because there will be another next time!

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