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In the blink of an eye, our little girl is three months old. Sometimes I miss little newborn Élise, but it also makes me speechless watching her quickly learn all of the little things about herself, movement, her voice, and others. It's crazy to see how someone so little can not know how to do [...]

Élise’s 2nd Month

September 15, 2020

Our stunning little baby girl has been on the outside for two whole months now. It has already gone by way too fast and we can't believe how big she is getting and the huge learning leaps she is taking each day. She needs to be kept entertained 24/7 and already prefers to be held [...]
If you’ve been following on the blog, you know I didn’t feel great at all through the majority of my pregnancy, so I didn’t really have the urge to capture much of it. After a lot of thinking (and almost missing out) I decided I would likely regret it if I didn’t have a few [...]
Wow, was this wedding ever something special to be a part of. Let me take you back to the beginning. Living on a small private street in Barrhaven twenty-seven years ago, two young couples had their first children. They were only two and a half months apart and both baby girls. That was Jillian and [...]

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